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8th Attack Squadron Association Photos


1997 8th Attack Squadron Association Reunion
Fort Walton Beach, Florida


Hans Petermann, Arlo Potter, Joe Doherty and Dick Austin (June 14, 1997) (Courtesy Dick Austin)

1998 8th Attack Squadron Association Reunion
Las Vegas, Nevada


Clippings from 8th ASA Newsletter (Courtesy Hans Petermann)

The following piece was from Dave Bradburn in the 1999 Newsletter:

"From the Prez,

To all 8th Squadron members past, present and future:

Here is a rundown on our marvelous and rewarding session in Las Vegas.

We arrived in Las Vegas at the Circus Circus starting on Sunday the 18th of October and opened our hospitality suite with Hans Petermann and then Jack Ransier. We really kicked it off with our Cocktail Buffet on Monday night the 19th, about 70 strong and had a nice mixer. The next day we went to Nellis AFB with those good 70 people and enjoyed the Petting Zoo (which had enemy tanks and aircraft for us to admire and climb on!) and the Thunderbirds Hangar (clean as a whistle!) and a fine lunch at the Desert Oasis Enlisted Club. Then on Wednesday around 30 of us took a bus tour of Hoover Dam, which had some great sights. On the way back we had lunch and were home by mid-afternoon. The next day, Thursday, 22 October, we had our business meeting in the morning with 34 of the faithful attending. More on this below. On Thursday night, 22 October 1998, we had our dinner dance at Circus Circus, with 80 in attendance, including six members of the active 8th Special Operations Squadron. The 8th SOS team was headed by LtCol Ray Chapman, who was our main speaker who filled us in on current operations and plans for the future. (Dan and Hans later sent the 8th a nice wall plaque.) We got Ed Shook up for the evening's closing remarks and everyone loved it!"

8th BS Buddies Iwakuni AB -- 1998 Las Vegas Reunion
Left to Right: Col Frank and Florence Evans; Col Bob and Mary Coombs;
M/Gen Dave Bradburn; Col Ed Shook (Courtesy Frank Evans)

Main Bldg Thunderbirds (Courtesy Frank Evans)

Briefing for 8th Members (Courtesy Frank Evans)

Thunderbird Briefer (Courtesy Frank Evans)

Briefing Mig-21(Courtesy Frank Evans)

Dave Bradburn looking on and Frank Evans in Mig-21 cockpit (Courtesy Frank Evans)

Lt. Col. Chapman, Commander of 8th SOS, the main speaker at formal dinner (Courtesy Frank Evans)

Thunderbirds Emblem (Courtesy Dick Austin)

T-bird Static Display (Courtesy Dick Austin)

2000 8th Attack Squadron Association Reunion
San Antonio, TX


Clippings from 8th ASA Newsletter (Courtesy Hans Petermann) (Click on image to enlarge)

From the Prez:

To all members, past, present and future.

Here is a rundown of all the wonderful things that happened in San Antonio.

We arrived at the Radisson Hotel on Wednesday, May 10th, and registered at our Hospitality Suite with Chuck Fellows officiating. The nametags, handsome and useful, with a gorgeous logo, were a gift from Jack Leon, who made himself valuable in a dozen ways. Jack set up the Hospitality Room with maps, pictures and a table with standing photo art from Korea from Hans Petermann. The whole room was a joy to be in and stayed that way until closing at midnight on Saturday. Bartender John, also arranged by Jack Leon, made things good for us and the honor system worked fine. On Wednesday night we had a nice menu arranged and lots of us ate together in the hotel restaurant.

On Thursday we went to Randolph AFB with Bill Neighbors as our guide and had a superb flightline tour and briefing on base activities, especially recruitment. At lunch we had an interesting session with Army Lt. Col. Daniel M. Baaghizad of the Defense Department POW and Missing Personnel Office and M/Sgt Bob Fishback of the USAF Missing Persons Office, located at Randolph. Then it was back to the hotel for a quiet afternoon or sightseeing in San Antonio.

On Friday we went to Lackland AFB with Chuck Fellows as our guide. We saw a very moving Special Operations Museum and then went to the outdoor exhibit where we saw the Korea era Douglas B-26 in the 13th Squadron colors bearing the name of Cuerta who we believe was the most active in getting the plane ready for display. There is also a plaque honoring Capt. James S. Walmsley, 8th flier who won the Medal of Honor in Korea. After lunch we went back to the hotel for sightseeing or whatever. It was a nice way to do it.

On Saturday we had our squadron meeting with 40 attending. We decided to place a plaque for Capt Walmsley at Kunsan Air Base in Korea with events honoring the 50th Anniversary of the Korean War. We elected Adrian Kalani O'Sullivan, a retired US serviceman who lives in Korea, an honorary member of the 8th Attack Squadron Association for his historical record of the 8th Bomb Squadron in the "How It Was" website. Kalani will arrange for the plaque in Kunsan.

Jack Barclay will make arrangements for some new 8th Squadron hats. The details will be in the newsletter. Bob Coombs will organize the next reunion in Dayton, Ohio in May or June 2002. In closing out the meeting, it was agreed that Pat Graham would take over as President from me in about a year, which will allow for a smooth transition for the next reunion.

On Saturday afternoon we had a fine bus tour of San Antonio historic places by author and guide Docia Williams. We enjoyed every minute.

Lt. Col. Ray Chapmans, Commander of the 8th Special Operations Squadron, and four crewman brought their C-130 to Randolph at our invitation. They came to our Hospitality Room in the afternoon and filled us in on current events. They moved to Eglin Aux #3 and work with a reserve unit regularly. They were our guests at a dinner that was beautifully served in the Radisson dining room. Major General Pat Graham was our smooth Master of Ceremonies and our speaker was the commander of Lackland AFB, Brigadier General Michael Farrage, who gave us a good rundown on how the Air Force training base does its job. After the talk, we had a group of Philippine dancers who made us enjoy every minute. Pat Graham gave us a warm and thoughtful send off to close the reunion.

The Committee was ably led by Bill Neighbors who had everything ready for us. Then Bill had some health problems that kept him away and he is still needing our prayers. This was a super and class act all the way. Nice job, Bill!!!

Dave (Bradburn)

8th BS WWII vet Melvin "Buzz" Freeman (MOH recipient Ray Wilkins' crew chief)
Taken at the 3rd BG Plaque Dedication at the Nimitz Museum
(Courtesy Bill Swain.)

Hospitality Suite with Photo Art from Korea from Hans Petermann (Courtesy Frank Evans)

Hospitality Room -- Bob Coombs; Dave Bradburn; & Jack Leon (Courtesy Frank Evans)

Frank & Florence Evans at Alamo (Courtesy Frank Evans)

Docia Williams (Courtesy Frank Evans)

Bill Neighbors and Hans Petermann (Courtesy Frank Evans)

Iwakuni Buddies: Dave Bradburn; Bill Neighbors; and Frank Evans (Courtesy Frank Evans)

To recognize Capt Walmsley at Kunsan Air Base, South Korea, the 8th Attack Squadron Association presented a plaque in his memory to the Loring Club on 26 June 2000. Col Moon-hyun Baek, 38th Fighter Group Commander (ROKAF), presented the plaque on behalf of the Association to Col. Philip Breedlove, 8th Fighter Wing Commander.

Col Moon-hyn Baek, Commander 38TFG, presents a plaque honoring Capt John S. Walmsley
to Col Philip Breedlove, Commander 8FW, 26 June 2000. (Courtesy Kalani O'Sullivan)

2002 3rd Bomb Group Reunion
San Antonio, TX


2002 8th Attack Squadron Association Reunion
Dayton, OH


The following article written by Bob Coombs is from the November 2003 Newsletter.

The 2002 Reunion Coordinator's Corner: A popular saying goes - time flies when we are having fun. Equally popular and appropriate to our generation is -- time flies as we grow older. Whichever applies, it seems only recently that we were working out the final details for the 8th Squadron 2002 reunion. Newsletters had gone out in July 2002 and April 2002 heralding the event. Favorable response following the April newsletter indicated that 85 members and guests would attend. Due to personal reasons, several members cancelled resulting in 71 members and guests attending. This created somewhat of a financial bind as contracted commitments for local coach transportation and entertainment were required well in advance and were based on original replies from members. The reunion was held at the Dayton Marriott -- a very fine hotel with all the amenities needed for a group of our size and needs. The dates scheduled for the reunion, July 18 - July 21, were selected to coincide with the annual Dayton Air Show, recognized as one of the largest and best in the nation. Arrival at the Marriott was on Thursday, July 18. Members and guests checked in at the hospitality room to register; pick up information packets and renew friendships. The reunion officially began Thursday evening with a buffet dinner.

Friday, July 19, was fully devoted to attending the Air Force Museum, the largest and oldest military air museum in the world. Although the oldest, the museum is completely modern including the F-22, not yet in production at that time. In addition to an extensive display of aircraft and related artifacts, the museum has a very fine gift shop and an IMAX theater devoted to aircraft, space and related subjects. Transportation to and from the museum was by shuttle coach making two departures from the hotel and museum, spaced one hour apart for those who would like to leave a little later or spend more time at the museum. The evening activity on Friday was a formal/semi-formal banquet and featured a music and comedy "Sentimental" back to the 1940s. Several members brought special guests, most of whom had past military connections. As my guests I had my son-in-law, Rev. Dennis Holms, who gave the invocation, and our daughter Micki who was born at Johnson AFB in 1950 and traveled as an Air Force brat for the next twenty years. A special highlight for me was when Col. Ed Shook awarded the DFC to me for a mission flown in August 1950. Col. Shook was our squadron commander in 1950 and had recommended me for the award at the time, but for some reason it was never acted upon. Receiving it 52 years later from Col. Shook was a very special honor. We had hoped to have a representative from the current 8th Squadron but because of the world situation no one was available. The Thunderbirds were also staying at the Marriott but they were fully committed and could not speak to our group. General Pat Graham graciously filled the gap.

Saturday, July 19, was devoted to the Dayton Air Show with shuttle transportation as the day before. The Dayton Air Show speaks for itself as one of if not the premier air show in the U.S. Flying events from 9:3- AM to 5:30 PM, with a wide variety of aircraft including the B-2 and F-117.

A short business meeting was held on Sunday morning after breakfast, terminating the 2002 Reunion.

All in all it was a good reunion, as all our reunions are. A saying from the early days of flying -- A good landing is one that you can walk away from, and an outstanding landing is one that you fly that airplane again! I would rate the 2002 Reunion somewhere in between.

Photo of 2002 Reunion courtesy Bill Swain. Thanks Bill...

Martin Radnik, Mike Kischkum and Helen Kischkum (Courtesy Bill Swain)

Bob Speith and Son (Courtesy Bill Swain)

2003 3rd BG Reunion
Tulsa, OK


Photos of 8th Bomb Squadron vets at 2003 Reunion courtesy Bill Swain. He wrote, "The pic of Reed, Henebry and Gunn were taken at the 3BG Reunion I sponsored here in Tulsa this year. The Websters and the Reeds were also from the Tulsa Reunion, along with the shots of Jim and Susie Brown and Jim in the cockpit." Thanks Bill...

Left to Right: Pic of Bob Reed, his wife Lucille, Jock Henebry,
Nate Gunn (Pappy Gunn's youngest son), and Nate's friend Vera (Courtesy Bill Swain)

Betty Webster, Bob Reed, Bill Webster, Lucille Reed (Courtesy Bill Swain)

(Top) Jim "Two-Gun" Brown and his wife Susie.
(Bottom) Jim "Two-Gun" Brown...flew as Wilkin's co-pilot... (Courtesy Bill Swain)

2004 8th Attack Squadron Reunion
Fort Walton Beach, FL


Photos of 8th Bomb Squadron Reunion in May 2004courtesy Dick Austin.

Arlo Potter; Hans Petermann; Joe Doherty; Dick Austin (Courtesy Dick Austin)

Group at Duke Field, Eglin AFB (Courtesy Dick Austin)

Reception at Fort Walton Beach Standing: Janet Austin; Dick Austin; Frank Oliver; Dee Ironside; Leo Welling; Seated: Frances De Boni; Joe Doherty; Edie Doherty; Dorothy Oliver (Courtesy Dick Austin)

L: Seated: Charlene Wood; Jean Shook; Marilyn Howard; Standing: Arlo Potter; Jerry McKinney; Ed Shook; Ronald Kunz R: Charles Kay; Brad Urey; Hans Petermann; Dave Delano

L: Dottie Urey; Charles Kay; Brad Urey; Hans Petermann; Derelys Delano; Dave Delano R: Dottie Urey, Brad Urey, Jan Austin, and Dick Austin

L: Frances DeBoni at controls; R: Charles & Shirley Ramsey and (?)

L: Dottie Urey; Charles Kay; Brad Urey; Hans Petermann II; Hans Petermann; Derlys Delano; Dave Delano R: Frank Oliver; Dave Delano; Derelys Delano; Dorothy Oliver; Frances De Boni; James De Boni

L: Turkey Creek Walk R: Fearless Hans Peterman in jaws of stuffed alligator

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For inputs or comments, contact Kalani O'Sullivan.

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